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The City Church

The City Church is made up of many "families of missionaries and servants" who live out lives being changed by the gospel and our identities, in various neighborhoods across the Fort Worth area. Our primary organizational structure are Missional Communities we call City Groups. This is where the gospel is best declared, and its fruit best displayed, as a smaller number of God's people can disciple, love, care for, fight, and forgive each other as members of God’s family and share a tangible mission field together.

Just as church isn't an event but is God’s people, City Groups aren't events but are God’s people living out God’s mission together as family. While we’re in each others' lives often, every group has a specific day and time they gather each week. Whether you're part of The City Church family or checking us out for the first time, the best way to experience life in our church is to jump into a City Group near you.

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