John Keefer

Senior Design Consultant

I am currently available for project considerations.

John Keefer

July 18, 2024 - 5:13 PM

• Currently Available

Hi, I’m John. I enjoy creating new and innovative design concepts for products and companies that utilize cutting-edge technology to provide new solutions to meet thier end users needs. Please browse my career story below and reach out to me if you feel my skills can help assist you in accomplishing your goals.


UI/UX Creative Designer

Currentlty working with clients to meet thier needs and creating dashboard conceptual design ideas for future applications.


UI/UX System Designer

Worked with a start-up to create a design system for a web-app platform from ideation, research, development, user testing, and implementation through the on-boarding process.


Freelance Web Designer

Created over 50 websites for large and small business. Websites ranging from direct response ecommerce product websites to privatley owned coprorate businesses who needed a web presense.


Lead WebsiteDesigner

Designed and developed ecommerce product websites in a high paced atmosphere for clients focused on direct response with an ongoing goal of maintaing high conversion rates.


Graphic Designer

Created product branding, print design, package design, and website designs for several early on in my career. I was also an on-call freelancer with leading advertising agencies in the Pittsburgh area.