UI/UX Designer & Graphic Artist

Creative Director

Proficient in bringing brand design and inovative concepts to life.

Skillsets that can help you achieve your objectives

With a background of over 20 years of experience in the design industry; I have developed an impressive skillset ranging from print layout and package design to front end website development with a professional focus in primarily web design and direct response ecommerce websites. I strive to assist you in a creative and detail oriented manner while utilizing my extensive experience with website, print materials, product identity and package design to accomplish your goals.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Intuitive Collaboration

I exercise a digital marketing strategy proven to drive traffic while increasing leads and conversions. I bring results-driven tactics and campaigns that expand your business and enhance your bottom line with an in-depth content strategy plan.

Creative Development

While my sites are attractive, intuitive, and conversion focused—they’re also extremely well engineered. I meticulously develop adaptable, responsive websites that are customized for each client’s specific needs.

Digital Design

I build an intuitive, compelling, conversion-focused user experience and craft an ideal, content-driven interaction for your audience. As a result, my work is focused on engaging your target market and driving conversions.

  • Responsive Design Specialist

    Keeping responsive design in mind from concept to completion of a website has become an extremely important standard to follow.

    Responsive design is a relativly new concept that has had a major impact upon design guidelines and versatility.

    When you are attempting to reach the broadest market following, responsive design allows you to reach the most viewers on any device.

  • Bootstrap Professional

    Bootstrap! How did we ever live without Bootstrap?

    Bootstrap has become an essential part of website design and is the basis upon what I build websites so that they flow naturally between desktops to mobile devices.

    I have been working with Bootstrap standards since 1.0 was released and have adapted my designs as it has advance through the years.

Well rounded diversity in graphic design abilities

  • Website Design

    I have been building corporate websites for over 15 years for a variety of businesses. Please click the link above to view recent projects I’ve completed.

    Print Design

    My early career began with print design creating for many advertising agencies. Along with my other specialties I can be utilized for this service very efficiently.

    Logo Design

    Logo design is always a fun and challenging project. Creating a logo may be your first and one of the most important steps when working toward branding use in print and web design.

  • Product Illustration

    Frequently commissioned to create product illustrations during development stages and as available alternatives to photography for print and web usage.

    Package Design

    Possessing an extensive understanding of high resolution print and package design sets me apart from standard web designers, allowing me to assist you with all aspects product development.

    Web Banners

    Web banners are an essential component of your website SEO driven advertising campaign. I am able to design banners that effectively promote and maintain your websites branding identity.

Skill levels based upon daily use of technologies.

Design Percentage Skills










App Design




Adobe XD



Diversity of Skills

  • Web Design ( 90% )
  • Print Design ( 80% )
  • Package Design ( 75% )
  • Product Illustration ( 80% )
  • Branding ( 100% )
  • Adobe XD Prototyping ( 85% )
  • Web Banner Design ( 95% )
  • Logo Design ( 90% )

Businesses That Have Shaped My Design Career

  • Team Member

    Internet Direct Response, LLC

    Creative Director & Web Designer

    08/06 – 10/14

    Specialized in Web Layout Design + CMS + Print + Identity focusing on high converting DR product websites, web banners, email campaigns.

    Team Member

    DTC Health, LLC

    Director of Creative Services

    11/04 – 08/06

    Specialized in Web Layout + Print + Identity + Package Design + Trade Show Booth Design. Designed product websites and large information based sites.

    Team Member

    Multus Designs

    Freelance Web Designer

    07/04 – 11/04

    Specialized in Web Layout Design. Created e-commerce websites for a verity of clients from outdoor sports equipment to travel booking websites.

  • Team Member

    Beyond Fitness

    Creative Designer / Manager

    07/03 – 07/04

    Specialized in Print Layout Design and directing large promotional campaigns for mass direct mailings, magazines and local media communications.

    Team Member


    Graphic Designer - Branding

    10/02 – 06/03

    Worked with the GSK branding team on the “Aquafresh” product package of “Extreme Clean”. Product identity from concept design to pre-press output.

    Team Member

    TekSystems/Maxim Group

    Senior Consultant

    02/01 – 11/01

    Contract based projects on-site consulting with Mellon Financial and TechRx. Development utilizing Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

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