John Keefer

Design Skills

Creative artist tools for technical design

Intuitive Collaboration

I work closely with my clients to determine their business goals, objectives, and desired outcome.

Conceptual Design

Based upon the clients needs, I design layouts in low and high fidelity wireframes, prototypes, style guides, and user flows.

User Interface design

I fully prepare the finalized design documents to handoff to the development team to do their magic.

Design Software

I utilize to create your designs

In keeping up with continuously evolving technologies in the field my utilization of the leading design software has become very well rounded through various experiences in the design industry. I have developed an extensive skillset through creating front end website design and  development to creating hundreds of screens for massive user interface platform designs. While I prefer maintaining a professional focus primarily on interactive user experiences, I have also been commissioned  to create print layout and package designs in order to develop a unified universal branding package between web and print materials.

Web Design
UI Design
Product Design
Visual Design
Mobile Design
Design Strategy
UX Design
Design Thinking
User Research

Front End Design

Tools that I work with regularly

Through UI/UX design and direct response e-commerce websites I strive to assist you in a creative and detail oriented manner while utilizing my extensive experience with leading industry frontend development tools to create mobile app design, websites, print materials, product identity, and package design. I strive to accomplish your goals with a complete and cohesive and recognizable design system to adhere to or to create and develop your brand standards.

Assisting you expand your brand

By helping you to engage your target market through proven methods.


Whether creating a website design or a user interface, every project starts with a discovery session where we can get to know each other. When we meet to discuss your project I do my best to fully understand the vision details you have in mind of a look, feel, and personality you wish to convey. I’ll seek to learn what objectives are, who you believe your target market is, and compare your competitors. Sharing your preferences, likes, and dislikes helps me to understand you and your goals.


After I’ve learned the what, the where, the how, and the who, along with your preferences, I can then begin to formulate and conceive ideas of how to match your vision through mock up designs that I’ll share with you until the desired outcome materializes. If any holes are recognized, then I may make suggestions to improve upon your vision. We will work together focusing on your product features that will provide the optimal impact.


Finally, once you have signed off on the design concepts I will then proceed with your approved design requirements by building out full high comprehensive mockups leveraging the content and assets you provide for your mobile application or website design utilizing the leading industry design software tools in preparation for the build out. 


Depending on your project and your needs I may begin to build out your approved designs in a WordPress driven website. Or at this point I may be handing the high fidelity prototype designs off to your development team to do their magic. This may be the end of  my involvement of this iteration of your project or I may be involved with the developers providing CSS and ongoing design guidance and approvals.

Launch & Learn

Once launched and people are engaged  with your product or services we then get the opportunity to review performance, utilize feedback, and improve upon the design based upon your business needs and goals. A design cannot be considered ‘completely done’ as it can always be improved upon over time to make your final product even better.